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Goldfish Code is a world-class mobile app development company that designs, develops, and maintains robust web solutions. Our dedication to transparency and enhancing the customer experience are trademarks of our US-based software development agency.

Why goldfish code

Why Hire Our Mobile Apps Developers to Build Your Mobile App

Goldfish Code is the company you can trust for those searching for a reliable team of mobile app developers. Our team of US-based project managers and offshore developers takes tremendous pride in designing and constructing mobile apps that are accessible via an app store, quick loading, customer-friendly, and scalable – at affordable pricing

We strive to simplify the entire iOS and Android app development process – from start to finish- and always customize our projects based on each client's needs, budgets, and bandwidth.

Complete Web Application Solutions

Multiple companies offer mobile app development services. Some are great at design, while others specialize in developing apps for Android or iOS platforms. Goldfish Code has a proven track record as one of the top app developers in the United States. Our US native English-speaking project managers lead our team of designers, marketing and branding experts, developers, and DevOps technicians. Our design and development team can handle each phase of a web app project – from prototyping to backend development, so you can focus on growing your business.

Affordable App Development

A significant concern for anyone looking to build a web app is the website design cost. We understand that everyone has digital product budgetary restrictions, so we created a hybrid mobile application development company. Our offshore developers are highly skilled, trained in-house, and complete products at a fraction of the cost of US-based developers.

Our USA management team provides our developers with detailed mobile solutions project instructions, supervises their React Native coding, and ensures they follow our quality control standards. This top-notch business methodology permits us with the flexibility to pass along savings to our clients – without compromising quality.

Custom Web App Development with Expertise

Our clutch team is armed with 30+ years of combined experience developing modern web applications. We begin each project with a discovery call and a detailed customer survey form. Our process is designed to collect as much information as possible – so that our project managers can create a customized web app design and development package that fits your budget. We've worked with multiple-billion-dollar enterprises to start-ups, so we have confidence in our expertise and flexibility.

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Goldfish Code's Mobile App Development Services

The devil is in the details when it comes to successful mobile app development services. Application development is streamlined and enhanced when the project has a clear and transparent path for the entire team to follow.

Whether you're searching for a mobile-specific app, web-based, or custom software development services, Goldfish Code focuses on the details – to ensure each client receives what they need, can afford, and gives them a clear pathway to scalability. Here are some of the mobile app development services available through Goldfish Code.

iOS App Development

• Custom Design

• Location-Based Tracking

• Social Media Activation

Android App Development

• Custom Design

• Location-Based Tracking

• Social Media Activation

iOS & Android Web Application

Goldfish Code utilizes cutting-edge technologies, diverse programming languages, and reliable architecture to develop cross-platform mobile apps and web applications for Android and Apple iOS platforms. We're able to create eCommerce, gaming, omnichannel marketplaces for accounting, booking, billing, processing orders, managing inventory, and scheduling shipping. Our Android and iOS web apps are quick loadings and accessible via Android devices, iPhones, iPad, and other iOS devices.

Supply Chain Management Web Applications

Today's growing business demands quick, reliable, and customizable white glove supply chain management solutions. The team at Goldfish Code understands this – and offers our valued client's supply chain management web applications – infused with the latest technology and permits a business to navigate their supply chain with ease. Manage your fleets, vendor management systems, inventory control, asset management, and delivery notifications from the palm of your hand.

Customer-Facing Applications

Likewise, your customers demand quick-loading, easy to connect, and user-friendly web applications. Goldfish Code has years of experience developing customer service applications and custom portals that can be customized for any enterprise, industry, or bandwidth desire. We're able to custom brand and design the app for maximum omnichannel marketing opportunities or develop a scaled-down variant – with room for growth in the future.

Web Portal Applications

Another growing app development segment is customized and branded web portals – that helps a company deploy a digital transformation that enhances their online presence. Our experience with web application development has allowed us to create eLearning portals, healthcare apps, downloads, portals for contractors and communities. We have the talent and tools to add multiple features, including reporting, analytics, big data, and business intelligence solutions.

Why Choose Our Mobile App Development Company

The best mobile app developers are those who you can trust to complete a project on time, within your budget, and with a focus on quality. However, there is a challenge inherent. If cost is a significant factor, you'll likely see a lack of quality, and projects can take longer to complete. On the reverse, if you work with a US-based boutique agency, you'll likely get a good product – but at an elevated price.

Goldfish Code has eliminated these variables by creating a hybrid business model that allows us to reduce overhead – without compromising on quality. We develop iOS app development solutions built on frameworks that are scalable and infuse optimization tools with a modern-age web design process that increases site speed and improves the user experience.

We Ask the Right Questions

Our mobile app development company consists of experts in mobile app design, development, marketing, and activation. While we're very proud of our expertise – we're even more ecstatic about our dedication to customer service. Once you contact our team, you'll be impressed with our openness and transparency. Our team takes time to ask all the right questions – from a business, technical, and user experience point of view. By gathering all this data – we can formulate a plan that saves time, money and improves the quality of the finished product.

Strategic Planning

Upon gathering all the relevant information from you, our award-winning project managers will create a strategic plan that sets us up for a successful endeavor. We use our years of experience in modern technology and hire the best developers on the planet to build the mobile app that checks off all the boxes. To ensure full transparency, we'll keep you in the loop with each project phase.

Stringent Quality Control

All the planning and communication in the world will fail when mistakes occur throughout the project. The team at Goldfish Code is proud of the stringent quality assurance standards we infuse mobile app development projects. We have developed a high-quality, precise, and proactive QC program that reduces mistakes from conceptual meetings to strategic planning, design, development, and testing.

Goldfish Code's Mobile Software Development Process

We've addressed our mobile app services as our unique business model, but what about our process? Arguably – that's the key to our success – and what has allowed us to complete multiple web application development projects for several repeat clients. Regardless of what type of web app you're searching for - from cross-platform, dedicated mobile, or web-based app, the Goldfish Code team's process is the same.


Our team asks the right questions - but more importantly, listens to each client during our initial consultation. We'll also collect data specific to your project, industry, audience, and goals.


The Goldfish Code team will conduct extensive research, so we can outline an effective strategy from start to finish, establish practical milestones, and create a plan that mitigates mistakes.

Design & Development

Our in-house design team will bring your vision to life. Once design is approved, our DevOps team will use Next Gen technologies and best practices to build secure and robust software.

Quality Control

Each project undergoes rigorous QC process to ensure security, integrity, and optimal performance. Once completed, we'll assist with BETA testing, deployment, and fine-tune the finished project.


Our team asks the right questions - but more importantly, listens to each client during our initial consultation. We'll also collect data specific to your project, industry, audience, and goals.

What our partners say

"Goldfish is there for you. For any software engineering needs that you have. Whether it's in the day to day implementation, the actual planning out of what you're trying to do in terms of your product roadmap, they're there to help you."

CEO / Impact Wayv

"I would absolutely recommend Goldfish to anyone and everyone. I already have. Hands down, I had the most comfortable customer experience and was not made to feel like I was just another customer"

Founder / Salon Links

"My experience with Goldfish was exceptional. We needed somebody to save us from the initial developers. We were looking for somebody who could help us get to the next level. Goldfish saved what was the original development platform and created for us a tool that's now ready to go to market."

CEO / PoolPro

"I would absolutely recommend Goldfish and Bryan and Eva and their entire team to anybody who's looking to do any kind of an app. We've gone through some hurdles with the app and every step of the way the whole team has just been quick to fix things, quick to answer my questions and they came through."

Founder / Trivia Bar


Developing a mobile application that works via iPad app or Google Play, is simplified when you clearly understand the Android or iPhone app development process. However, you may have technical questions and others. Goldfish Code is dedicated to honest and transparent communication in all aspects of our business. This helps to develop trust and arms you with accurate information to make a proactive and intelligent decision.

Please review the questions and answers listed below. If you have additional questions, we're here to help and look forward to serving you.

What Do Mobile Application Development Companies Do?

The task bestowed upon a mobile application development company is to take their client's vision and transform it into a user-friendly mobile-accessible app. They listen to the needs and desires of their client's vision – and create software solutions that gives them a finished product – within their budgetary restrictions. They'll have the capacity to design, develop, test, deploy, and maintain the mobile app for their clients.

How to Choose and Hire a Good Mobile App Company?

There are a ton of good mobile app companies in the United States. Some offer A La Carte app solutions and services that permit you to bundle inclusions at a premium price. Others focus on design while outsourcing coding and development to less than trustworthy sources. The best software development company will offer all-inclusive services.

They'll offer you digital solutions planning, product design, developing, social networking, content management, website development, branding, and maintenance programs to keep your app running strong. By working with a full-service mobile application development firm, that’s worked with industries ranging from healthcare to real estate, you'll reduce mistakes, save time money, and have the flexibility to focus on your business growth.

What are the Benefits of Outsourcing a Company for Mobile App Development?

It's often suggested that outsourcing your mobile app development to an overseas agency will save you money and possibly time. However, most of the time – this doesn't happen. While you might pay less for the finished product, it's more than likely that the mobile app will be buggy – slow to load and require additional adjustments and upgrades. Outsourcing is mainly beneficial for a quick, cheap, and marginal mobile application.

How Much do Custom Mobile Application Development Services Cost at Goldfish Code?

While we'd love to provide a quick and easy-to-review price sheet in this paragraph, that's not practical. The pricing for mobile application development will vary depending on multiple factors. Some of the items that impact cost include the functionality, frontend and backend architecture, social media connectivity, API, network providers, product development, UI design elements, platforms, and even where it's deployed. However, before starting any mobile application development project, we will provide you with a detailed cost analysis.

What Technologies does Goldfish Code use for Mobile Application Development?

A mobile application that is built using the wrong technologies will quickly fail. While some developers embrace a one-size-fits-all philosophy, that's not a good recipe for building a robust and reliable mobile application. Whether you’re company is based in New York, the United Kingdom, or anywhere on the plane - our app development agency utilizes the best technologies to create solutions for our clients.

With Javascript, we rely on the dependability of React, Vue, and Angular. We also utilize HTML5/CSS 3, PHP/Laravel, ASP.Net, and Ruby on Rails. We mainly focus on WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, and Squarespace with our Content Management Systems.


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