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The Goldfish Code team integrates modern UI/UX design elements, robust code, and Next Gen tech into your custom website and app design & development project.

Why goldfish code

Why Hire Our Web Application Development Company

The quality and integrity of a website or mobile application can make or break a company's reputation. If it is slow to load, lacks user engagement, or poses a security risk, future or current users will lose trust.

Goldfish Code is a customer-centric, US-based web application development company that sets our clients up for success with each website or application we design, develop, and deploy. We leverage Next Generation technology with modern UI/UX design best practices to create online platforms that are user-engaging, 100 percent secure and built for scalability.

The primary goal of our software development agency is to customize web application services based on the unique needs and bandwidth of each client we serve

So – let's collaborate and build a website or app for you today!

Your Dedicated One-Stop Solution

Most web or application development projects fail due to piecemeal individual tasks. Attempting to hire multiple contractors often leads to delays, miscommunication, and budgetary nightmares.

Our US-based web application development company handles every aspect of building websites and mobile apps. Our Native-English-speaking project managers collaborate with each client to ensure every project phase is seamless, streamlined, and clearly communicated to you.

They'll be your single point of contact, directing our global team of industry researchers, marketers, designers, content creators, developers, Quality Assurance experts, and DevOps techs – so you focus on your daily business needs and operations.

We Drive Conversions

The objective of every website or application is to educate, engage, and drive conversions. The Goldfish Code team has more than 30 years of combined experience designing websites and apps that accomplish these lofty goals.

Each website or app is built using Next Generation technology, on frameworks and programming languages that ensure each page loads quickly, activates modern UX/UI features, and is fully responsive.

Customized Web App Development

The Goldfish Code team understands that each client has unique goals and objectives when considering a website or mobile app. During our discovery phase, we actively listen to each client, ask the right questions, and formulate a strategy and plan that is truly customized.

We customize each mobile application or website using the appropriate technologies and architecture – executed with precision thanks to a series of controls and best practices. This helps organizations simplify mobile app development projects.

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Our Web Application Development Services

Whether searching for a mobile-specific app, web-based, or multiple-platform app development services, we can help you from concept to completion.

From the backend management system tools to front-end automation and design elements, web and mobile apps remain a focal point and strength at Goldfish Code.

Custom Programming Solutions


• Content Management Systems

• Backend API Support

• Basic Admin Portals

React Native

• GPS or Location-Based Services

• Social Media Features

• Custom App Development


• Complete Customization

• Third-Party Sales Platform Integration

• Multi-Variant Management

Custom or Omnichannel eCommerce & Subscriptions

Goldfish Code is a web application development firm that offers customized eCommerce web application development services. We can customize high-performance mobile applications for you if you're creating B2B or B2C digital omnichannel marketplaces that require booking, billing, accounting, or inventory and shipping management tools.

Data Analytics Dashboards

Analytics help a growing or established enterprise make informed decisions. Our international developers can create apps stacked with customizable tables, maps, and charts – with user-friendly functionality and multiple platform accessibility.

Social Media & Chat

Connecting organizations, groups, and consumers through custom-branded apps help businesses communicate with stakeholders. The web application development team at Goldfish Code can design and develop social media apps with chat integration that fits your need today and tomorrow.

Real-Time Video

The modern workplace is going remote. Our web development application team transforms your vision into live streaming or on-demand video infused with interactive and UX design elements that create an engaging user experience.

We create relationships

An Ethical Website Application Development Services

How do you choose the right one in a sea of web solutions companies? Every organization strives to work with technology solutions providers with a proven track record for creating visually stunning and user-friendly web applications.

However, finding that diamond in the rough can be challenging; a web app design firm built on integrity and transparency with a robust reputation for building premium web-based solutions.

Goldfish Code takes pride in the positive reputation we've established in the technology solutions industry. From web solutions to cross-channel, our methodology is to streamline workflow – yet never compromise quality.

We begin every new partnership by openly collaborating with our stakeholders. Throughout our proven five-stage process, honesty and straightforward communication help to solidify partnerships into the future.

Whether your application is designed for iOS or Android, is secured in the cloud, or on your devices, our progressive web apps and software development services will surpass your expectations.

Goldfish Code's Web Application Development Process


Our team must collect the correct information to create a converting website or mobile app. Our team asks the right questions - but, more importantly, listens to each client during our initial consultation. We'll also collect data specific to your project, industry, audience, and goals.


Creating the right web design strategy provides the roadmap to success. The Goldfish Code team will conduct extensive research, so we can outline an effective strategy for creating your mobile app or website from start to finish, establish practical milestones, and create a plan that mitigates mistakes.

Design & Develop

We build apps and websites that connect with your target audience and drive conversions. Our in-house design team will bring your vision to life. Once the design is approved, our DevOps team will use Next Gen technologies and best practices to build secure and robust software.

Quality Control

Every website or app we create for you undergoes a rigorous QC process to ensure security, integrity, and optimal performance. Once completed, we'll assist with BETA testing and deployment and fine-tune the finished project.


Our team must collect the correct information to create a converting website or mobile app. Our team asks the right questions - but, more importantly, listens to each client during our initial consultation. We'll also collect data specific to your project, industry, audience, and goals.

What our partners say

"Goldfish is there for you. For any software engineering needs that you have. Whether it's in the day to day implementation, the actual planning out of what you're trying to do in terms of your product roadmap, they're there to help you."

CEO / Impact Wayv

"I would absolutely recommend Goldfish to anyone and everyone. I already have. Hands down, I had the most comfortable customer experience and was not made to feel like I was just another customer"

Founder / Salon Links

"My experience with Goldfish was exceptional. We needed somebody to save us from the initial developers. We were looking for somebody who could help us get to the next level. Goldfish saved what was the original development platform and created for us a tool that's now ready to go to market."

CEO / PoolPro

"I would absolutely recommend Goldfish and Bryan and Eva and their entire team to anybody who's looking to do any kind of an app. We've gone through some hurdles with the app and every step of the way the whole team has just been quick to fix things, quick to answer my questions and they came through."

Founder / Trivia Bar


Developing a website or mobile application is simplified when you clearly understand the process. While we've created a clear guide of what separates Goldfish Code from other premium web app developers, you likely have some additional questions.

You can trust our web application development company for honest and transparent communication in all aspects of our business. This helps to develop trust and gives you accurate information – so you can make a proactive and intelligent decision.

Before we set up your FREE consultation, we'd like to answer frequently asked questions about web app development.

Please review the questions and answers listed below. If you have additional questions, we're here to help and look forward to serving you.

What Do Web App Companies Do?

Simply put – a web application company has a single objective – transform a client's vision into a technological solution. The best web app developers understand the needs and desires of clients and create a plan that streamlines the process without compromising quality.

Some web application development companies offer premium boutique, a-la-carte services, which drive up costs and extend the length of time to complete a project. Other web and app design or developers are restricted to single-stage projects – such as design or development.

In both cases, clients waste time and money – especially when the finished project is filled with bugs and coding issues that require constant maintenance and repair.

Goldfish Code is an experienced web and app development firm. We have an adept team of over 100 project managers, designers, marketers, UX/UI experts, DevOps specialists, and programmers – all trained in-house.

We handle every phase of designing, developing, and deploying websites and applications. Our US-based firm goes the extra step by developing impactful web apps that drive conversions, provide measurable ROI, and are designed for ease of scalability.

How to Choose a Good Web Application Company?

The best website and application development company will offer all-inclusive services. This means they will be your one-stop shop for planning, designing, developing, content management, branding, and customizing a support and maintenance program for the future.

They custom design and construct websites and apps using multiple programming languages and develop customized e-learning solutions to provide support once the app is launched.

By working with a full-service web app company, you'll reduce mistakes, save time, money, and have the flexibility to focus on your business growth.

What are the Stages of the Web Application Development Process?

Let's provide a clear roadmap. The process of building any website or mobile begins with discovery. The project managers will gather as much technical information from the client as possible. Once there is a clear understanding of the client's needs, goals, desires, and budget, the next phase will begin.

Strategy is when the web app design team conducts extensive research to outline an effective strategy for creating a mobile app or website from start to finish, establish practical milestones, and create a plan that mitigates mistakes.

From that point, the designers and development team will bring your vision to life. Once the design is approved, the DevOps team will use Next Gen technologies and best practices to build secure and robust software.  

The next step in building a website or app is testing and quality control. The best web app development firms will activate a rigorous QC process to ensure security, integrity, and optimal performance. Once completed, they will complete BETA testing and deployment and fine-tune the finished project.

Finally, they will help launch the website and offer a customized web and app maintenance program. This allows them to keep your new app and/or website operating efficiently.

How Much do Custom Web Application Development Services Cost at Goldfish Code?

Unfortunately, there is no cut-and-dry answer to this question. The cost of web application development can vary based on multiple variables, including architecture, functionality, multi-device connectivity, scalability, user interface, and design.

The good news is that before undertaking any project, we'll provide a detailed estimate before moving forward.

What is the Difference Between Web Development and Application Development?

Web development involves designing, building, and hosting websites – and the tools utilized within. An application is a program that helps someone complete a task or activity. They are created in two ways – software development and web development.

Software or "application development" uses an operating system – such as Windows or Apple and is hosted on a physical device. A web-developed application is hosted 'online' – via websites or cloud-based servers.

What Technologies does Goldfish Code use for Web Application Development?

At Goldfish Code, we utilize the best technologies to create solutions for our clients. Within our Javascript Libraries include React, Vue, and Angular. We also utilize HTML5/CSS 3, PHP/Laravel, ASP.Net, and Ruby on Rails. With our Content Management Systems, the sky's the limit. We mainly focus on WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, and Squarespace.


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