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If you're searching for a US-Based eCommerce development company that blends quality-driven solutions at an affordable price – Goldfish Code is the firm that will exceed your expectations. Our eCommerce website company designs and develops cross-channel sales platforms that are user-friendly, scalable, and robust.

Why goldfish code

Reach Your Business Goals with Our Ecommerce Development Solutions

Every growing enterprise's goal is to create technology-driven solutions to connect with consumers. Goldfish Code helps businesses accomplish this by designing and developing a cross-channel eCommerce store, websites and applications.

Our US-based project managers listen to the growing needs of each client and develop customized solutions that help them create eCommerce platforms that streamline the buying and user experience, convert, and are infused with advanced security technology.

Transparent Communication

Goldfish Code takes tremendous pride in the integrity in which we operate. Our transparency is introduced when you connect with our native English-speaking project managers. They take time to listen to each request articulated by our clients, formulate a plan of attack, and follow through with seamless precision. The offshore developers with our ecommerce website development company are provided with detailed client notes and trained in-house to ensure web design consistency with each eCommerce website development project we undertake.

The Perfect One-Stop-Shop

Most eCommerce web development services can be customized based on the needs of our clients. Our team offers a complete one-stop-shop for all eCommerce solutions, from custom-branded eCommerce apps and websites to payment processing integrations preferred by your customers. Our team will gather a detailed list of all website design tools and user features required, desired, and planning to upgrade in the future. At that point, we'll develop a strategy that will ensure the project is completed efficiently and with precision.

Affordable eCommerce Development Solutions

At the heart of every technical project is cost. Many of today's growing enterprises operate with razor-thin margins. But they also must invest resources and capital in eCommerce tools that make it easier for customers to purchase their products. Goldfish Code is a hybrid eCommerce website development company that operates with reduced overhead. We have a team of fully-trained international developers who produce quality-driven solutions – at a fraction of the cost. These savings are passed along to our valued clients so you can invest in digital marketing, SEO, and other optimization programs to help grow.

Expertise at Each Level

The team at Goldfish Code has years of experience designing, developing, and maintaining eCommerce web solutions. Once you connect with our project managers, you'll see our experience and dedication to superior customer service on full display. Our ecommerce web development company has the capacity and technological expertise to integrate shipping, Shopify, and payment processing integrations that are highly secure and build an eCommerce platform that will keep you and your customer's private data safe.

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Goldfish Code's Ecommerce Web Development Services

Goldfish Code has the resources and technical expertise to develop eCommerce cross-channel solutions packed with features and tools your customers expect. From customized cart management and organizational tools to B2C eCommerce platform connectivity, our team can build an eCommerce solution that checks all the boxes.

Here are just a few eCommerce web development services available through Goldfish Code.

Complete Customization

Goldfish Code has the experience and talent to offer complete customization for eCommerce cross-channel solutions. From specific social media activation tools to payment gateways, user profiles, shipping solutions, and sales tax management, our team will work with you to identify critical elements within the mobile app development project that require customization – which can streamline your business, save time money, and leave room for scaling as you grow.

Third-Party Sales Platform Integration

It's a proven marketing concept that the more sales channels available for customers to purchase goods and services, the higher the sales volume. Goldfish Code has developed multiple 3rd party integrations for sales, product imports, and inventory control. Connect to Amazon, eBay, and other sales funnels – and manage your complete online store from a single dashboard.

Multi-Variant Management

Today's eCommerce shopper demands variety with the products they choose to purchase online. This is a variant of the same product – such as different sizes, colors, or functionality. Goldfish Code can create variant search functions that let users quickly find the exact product, add it to their cart, and complete the transaction.

Admin Dashboard Reporting

Analytics help every company identify the strengths and weaknesses of its eCommerce operations. The experts at Goldfish Code can customize administrative dashboard reporting features that display your website's active users, separate and categorize B2C, C2C, and B2B sales, analyze the volume of sales in dollars and quantities and compare YTD, MTD, and other custom variables. Whether you're web apps shopping cart is a Woocommerce, Shopify, or other customized platform, we'll ensure your dashboard is stacked with software solutions that help you grow.

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Why Choose Goldfish Code as Your Ecommerce Website Development Company

When it comes to hiring the right eCommerce development agency, what is important to you? Do they have to offer Wordpress, a CRM, or offer iOS and Android application development? Is it the quality of their work, the cost of their services, or perhaps the support after the fact? Finding an ethical company that offers eCommerce website development services to provide all three of these benefits is like finding a needle in a haystack.

Since our inception, Goldfish Code has been a world-class eCommerce website developer that focuses on the quality of our work, with phenomenal maintenance and support packages, and – at a fraction of the cost of competitors.

The methodology of our development team is to streamline eCommerce development solutions. We actively seek your input, addressing each concern you have quickly – and always with openness and transparency. The Goldfish Code team of project managers works with you to create a strategic plan that ensures your eCommerce platform or mobile application is scalable, optimized with tools that improve UX design and website speed, and cross-platform.

Here are just a few reasons previous clients continue to trust Goldfish Code for all their eCommerce store development and website services.

Collaboration From Start to Finish

It's our primary objective to exceed your expectations. We've become one of the top eCommerce development companies by proving this goal to hundreds of satisfied customers. Before we start any project, we'll gather detailed information from you to ensure our team checks all the boxes. We will ask you what user features, design elements and sales tools are needed – which are desired – and those on the 'wish list' for the future. This collaboration permits us to develop a high-quality software development strategy that leaves room for scalability as your eCommerce business grows.


Goldfish Code is a top-notch, hybrid eCommerce web development company. Our USA team is comprised of native-English-speaking project managers and offshore developers, who are trained in-house on our techniques and procedures. We will always communicate with you openly and honestly, provide clear and factual guidance, and keep you updated on each project phase.

Quality Control

Goldfish Code is proud of our eCommerce development solutions' stringent quality assurance standards. Each award-winning team member follows a proven QC program that helps to mitigate errors, produce quality-driven results, and help us stay on schedule. We understand business needs of increasing the conversion rate which results in higher sales. By implementing a QC program from design services through deployment, we can offer commerce solutions that are robust and reliable.

Technologies We Use for Ecommerce Development

An eCommerce platform needs to be fully responsive, quick loading, and available through multiple sales channels. Your customers demand this type of modern efficiency with your eCommerce services, which is why we build our eCommerce solutions with the latest technologies suited for front-end, server backend, and deployment. Here are a few of our preferred technologies for eCommerce website services.

React Native for Mobile Front-end

React Native eCommerce applications are dependable, secure, and scalable. The flexibility of react native app development services gives our developers the capability to customize an eCommerce site for cross-channel integration. It also helps create customized eCommerce website design.

Python for Server Backend

The Goldfish Code team opts for Python for the backend development of eCommerce web applications. Python is exceptional for developing backend API support, flexible and user-friendly admin portals, and customizable full-service content management systems. From healthcare to startup home businesses, Python serves as an exceptional technology for IT solutions.

AWS or Google Cloud/Firebase for Deployment

A professionally designed and developed eCommerce website will not reach peak efficiency if it's not correctly deployed. Choosing the right host can help power interactive tools, operate your internal plugins or marketing services, and ultimately - improve your online presence. We trust the integrity and reliability of AWS and Google Cloud, and Firebase Backed by Google to host secure eCommerce solutions for our clients.

What our partners say

"Goldfish is there for you. For any software engineering needs that you have. Whether it's in the day to day implementation, the actual planning out of what you're trying to do in terms of your product roadmap, they're there to help you."

CEO / Impact Wayv

"I would absolutely recommend Goldfish to anyone and everyone. I already have. Hands down, I had the most comfortable customer experience and was not made to feel like I was just another customer"

Founder / Salon Links

"My experience with Goldfish was exceptional. We needed somebody to save us from the initial developers. We were looking for somebody who could help us get to the next level. Goldfish saved what was the original development platform and created for us a tool that's now ready to go to market."

CEO / PoolPro

"I would absolutely recommend Goldfish and Bryan and Eva and their entire team to anybody who's looking to do any kind of an app. We've gone through some hurdles with the app and every step of the way the whole team has just been quick to fix things, quick to answer my questions and they came through."

Founder / Trivia Bar


Goldfish Code takes tremendous pride in the transparency of our communication. You have multiple options on which eCommerce website development company to hire. Our primary goal is to earn your business by clearly articulating our services, process, and solutions offered. The information above provides a general overview – so if you have any questions, we encourage you to contact us directly for an exploratory meeting.

In the meantime, we've created this list of frequently asked questions that may serve to provide additional transparency – so you can make an informed decision. If you have further questions, we're here to help and look forward to serving you.

What exactly do eCommerce developers do?

There are several critical steps to creating an eCommerce web application. One of them is development, which is the process of building the application's architecture. The developers are comparable to the construction laborers – who do all the heavy lifting and use their talents to build the structure and components. The developers who work with Goldfish Code are trained in-house, so each one completes projects consistently, focusing on quality and on time.

How to choose the best eCommerce development agency?

The best eCommerce development agencies will have a proven track record of completing multiple projects on time, within budget and focusing on quality. They will communicate with you from the beginning to identify what is essential for your eCommerce solution, the items on your wish list, and how to scale your solution. They will also create a plan of attack, develop milestones, and communicate with you throughout the process – from start to post-delivery maintenance.

How much do eCommerce development services cost at Goldfish Code?

All website, app, and cross-channel eCommerce project has their costs to consider. Since Goldfish Code always customizes each of our services for every client, it's simply impossible for us to give you a factual answer to this question. Multiple variables impact the cost of eCommerce development services, including the design, architecture, user functionality, reporting tools, and more. However, before we begin any project, we will provide a detailed estimate and stay on budget throughout. Being transparent and upfront with costs are trademarks of a ecommerce web developer you can trust.

How long does it take for the Goldfish Code team to develop an eCommerce website?

Like the question above, it's challenging for us to answer about timing accurately. The time to design, develop, test, and deploy an eCommerce app and website depend on the customer requirements, the technology or languages used, the architecture, cross-channel capability, and more. Sometimes this process can take a few months, while other projects can take up to a year.

Which technology is best for eCommerce website development?

We addressed this question in the content above. Goldfish Code does not use a single technology but opts to use the best for each development phase. We choose React Native for mobile front-end, Python for server backend, and AWS or Google Cloud/Firebase for deployment. Each one offers specific advantages – not only to streamline the development process but to ensure the app is robust, quick to load, secure, and scalable.

Does Goldfish Code offer further support after completing an e-commerce development project?

Yes. We take a lot of pride in developing customized eCommerce maintenance packages – based on the customer's needs, the scope of the project, and course – their budgetary restrictions. Before we begin the project, we will discuss our support and maintenance options and find a way to ensure that we can offer the best possible solution to keep your eCommerce project running smoothly.


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