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Impact Wayv

Community of impact-oriented individuals

ImpactWayv is a company built to connect a community of impact-oriented individuals with charities and causes. The Goldfish Code team built a social-media-style React Native application for Impact 360, connecting leaders in non-profits and technology for seamless communication.

what we worked on

Mobile App Development

Impact 360 is an advisory and technology company, consisting of thought leaders and doers in the for-profit, nonprofit and technology industries, which exists to disrupt and transform the worlds of business and philanthropy. Impact 360's app connects leaders and individuals throughout the space.

Our Solution

React Native application to connect a community of impact-oriented individuals with charities and causes. Included social-media style features as well as graphs and charts demonstrating key impact metrics of various organizations. Application development was done in coordination with a third party API developer.


The Results

  • Sign Up/Login
  • User Profile
  • Upload Photo/Video
  • News Feed

"Goldfish is there for you. For any software engineering needs that you have. Whether it's in the day to day implementation, the actual planning out of what you're trying to do in terms of your product roadmap, they're there to help you."

Benji Bernstein
CEO / Impact Wayv

The Goldfish Code
5-Step Process


Our team asks the right questions - but more importantly, listens to each client during our initial consultation. We'll also collect data specific to your project, industry, audience, and goals.


The Goldfish Code team will conduct extensive research, so we can outline an effective strategy from start to finish, establish practical milestones, and create a plan that mitigates mistakes.

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Technical Breakdown


React Native


App Development




Auxiliary Specialties

3rd Party API

Third Party Integrations
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