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Crowd Clip

Video Sharing

CrowdClip is a web application that was enhanced by Goldfish Code which permitted users to submit large video files. Through these video files, CrowdClip allowed users to submit photos and names of faces of people that appear in the video file. Videos are then processed through a machine learning algorithm to train and identify video clips of each user.

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The Goldfish Code
5-Step Process


Our team asks the right questions - but more importantly, listens to each client during our initial consultation. We'll also collect data specific to your project, industry, audience, and goals.


The Goldfish Code team will conduct extensive research, so we can outline an effective strategy from start to finish, establish practical milestones, and create a plan that mitigates mistakes.

Design & Development

Our in-house design team will bring your vision to life. Once design is approved, our DevOps team will use Next Gen technologies and best practices to build secure and robust software.

Quality Control

Each project undergoes rigorous QC process to ensure security, integrity, and optimal performance. Once completed, we'll assist with BETA testing, deployment, and fine-tune the finished project.


We're confident in the quality of our finished solutions. The Goldfish Code team offers multiple support and maintenance packages for each client - so you can scale your support as needed.

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