How to Hire a Software Developer or Engineer: Full Guide & Tips

Software Dev
December 2, 2022

In this digital world, picking how to hire a software developer is difficult. Is it better to work with a premium software development agency based in the United States that will charge you extra for higher results, or should you outsource to several contractors?

Is there a firm located in the United States that may provide the price advantages of working with foreign DevOps experts but without sacrificing quality?

The road to understanding how to hire software developers comprises fundamental ideas to consider. Who are the software engineers that provide the best service?

Are some software developers proven with a strong communication history, transparency, and focus on scalability and user experience?

The fact is - hiring developers is not as tricky as we tend to assume. In fact, if you want to learn how to hire software engineers – this is the article to read in detail.

In this article, we'll go through three tried and true methods for hiring a software engineer or agency to assist you in figuring out how to go about it. We'll also provide some questions you should ask any web design business before hiring them to help improve your online presence.

Why it's so Important to Hire the Right Software Developers/Engineers for Your Organization

A common mistake in learning how to hire a software developer is not defining what is important to you in the companies or individuals you work with in the first place.

Let's assume you've compiled a list of five equally qualified software engineers, all of whom are based in the United States and each with a track record of creating visually appealing applications.

How do you know what to look for in a software designer if everything appears equal on the surface?

Transparency in communication is a valuable skill and attribute that many technology-based businesses lack. We believe that the software design firm that creates trust through honesty and transparency from the start will have fewer errors, save you time and money in the short and long term, and deliver better results.

In short, it makes more sense to work with a single agency that can handle everything in-house versus working with multiple outsourced software developers.

What to Look for While Hiring Software Developers

So – let's kick off this article by providing you with three quick questions every company – from enterprise level to startups, should ask themselves before they weed out the pool of qualified software engineer candidates.

  1. What type of software development do you require? Are you developing an application that requires customized software? Or are you in need of several software designs and development tasks? The scope of your project will help you begin the journey to finding software developers.
  2. Who is the target audience of the website or app you need software created? Suppose the finished product needs to be UI and UX-heavy. In that case, you'll need to work with a developer with the skillset to integrate those attributes.
  3. Is ease of communication necessary to you? If so – it would be a good idea to cross off outsourcing software development yourself. However, work with a US-based firm that can communicate with talented overseas software engineers. That can represent the best of both worlds.

Once you answer these questions, you'll be ready to find the right software engineer. Here are three essential skills and qualifications you should verify in any software company or individual contractor you consider hiring.

Qualification #1 – The Right Experience

When you're going to hire a software programmer, it's essential to have the right experience. While longevity is important within the software development process, it's more important that they have the right experience. Here are a few specifics to verify.

  • 5+ years of engineering software and networking platforms.
  • 5+ years with programming languages including Java, Python, and C++
  • Experience with rapid development cycles.

Qualification #2 – Development

The second criterion for hiring software engineers will focus on their development expertise. Here are some specifics to verify.

  • Experience designing interactive applications and networking platforms. This is especially vital when your target audience demands UI functionality.
  • Web application development expertise with multiple frameworks.
  • Proficiency with CSS3, HTML5, and other content management systems.

Qualification #3 – Testing and Solutions

Developing and designing software is one thing; testing and validating it is arguably just as critical. Ensure that any software engineer you hire has strong scripting and test automation abilities.

How to Hire a Software Developer for Your Company: A Full 3-Step Guide

Let's get serious about learning how to find a developer for your specific business. As previously said, putting in the effort to complete the software agency vetting procedure is more important than ever. Following these three easy steps will make you better informed about your options.

Step #1 – Take Time to Define Your Target Project

Software is a set of tools that may help you turn your website or application into a functioning platform for educating people about your company, attracting potential consumers, and ultimately converting qualified leads into sales.

Suppose you don't first determine who you're marketing to, what services and goods you provide, and how customers currently interact with you. In that case, none of this will come together.

Here are a few reasons why this is especially important when vetting a software design firm.

  1. Impacts UX and UI feature: The best web software engineers integrate many elements into the design of your site. One of the most critical is consumer UX or user experience functionality. Specific consumer groups prefer specific layouts, navigation, and other interactive features. If the software engineer can't integrate these essential features into your finished product, you need to find someone who can.
  2. Relevant to Content: The site's content and other critical software elements are incorporated into overall design concepts. This would include pictures, color schemes, written terminology, graphic design, and more. Consumers in various categories have varying preferences for how information should be structured to engage and interact. Custom content solutions require a lot of diverse knowledge from your software engineer.
  3. Determines Scale: Your target audience will also impact the bandwidth or scope of your software. If you must start small, make sure you work with a software developer that can create your project with room to scale without significant retooling.

Step #2 – Determine the Facts About the Software Developer

When you know precisely what your software development needs are, the time to begin the selection process officially begins.

We've discussed some of the essential characteristics shared by the finest software development companies, including their openness, communication skills, and ability to finish successful projects from start to end.

When you discover a software design firm online or get a referral from a colleague, these are vital questions you should ask during a discovery call or introductory email.

  1. Are they dedicated to a specific sector or industry? Some developers are focused on niche areas, such as industries, business types, or eCommerce sellers. Others are broad-scope - and have a track record that they're happy to show you.
  2. What type of app development software are they experienced in designing? Do they specialize in single-page landers, software for apps, JavaScript , SQL, AWS, PHP, or and multiple-page mobile app platforms? Are they full-stack developers or are they front-end developers or have team members that are back-end developers?
  3. What is their bandwidth? Knowing whether a development team has the development time and flexibility to work with you promptly will assist you in determining if they are suitable for you now—or potentially down the road.
  4. What is the company's revenue model? Is it a US-based web design firm, do they have a CTO, web development experts, or are they a freelancer new developer that works from home? Or do they have a hybrid approach in which they also work with overseas contractors?

Step #3 – Understand their Software Design Process

As you learn about the software design agency, narrow your list of possible firms to the top two or three. It's then time to get down and dirty with how they convert your ideas into completely responsive and engaging software suited for efficiency, speed, user pleasure, and scalability.

It is essential to go through the software design agency's process with them in person or virtually at the start. Schedule an introductory consultation - or a face-to-face / virtual meeting with the software developer - and, hopefully, your point of contact for the project.

Ask them to describe their software design approach in detail during this meeting.

Further, do they truly understand your job posting and needs? When learning how to pick a software design firm, having an in-person or virtual interview is crucial.

3 Extra Tips for Hiring a Software Developer or Engineer at a Startup

It's time to narrow down the field if you've already started looking for software developers, gone through the material above, and have a few names in mind. Here are three more questions that we recommend asking any software developer who would be working on a bespoke project for you.

Question #1 – How Long Will It Take to Design and Develop the Software?

You'll likely discover whether the company you're considering working with is trustworthy and forthcoming within minutes of speaking with them.

Software creation and design are complicated, technical tasks. Multiple schematics, visual design, integration of branding elements, and development of valuable features are all part of the design process.

Before moving into development, the best software development agencies will spend time with you to ensure you are entirely comfortable with the design elements.

If the firm is honest, they'll spell out the difficulties of creating and implementing new software from the ground up. Don't be concerned about this – it will take time to develop a program correctly.

Question #2 – How are Changes and Updates Made to the Software?

Another essential question for your future software developer is when will you update it? Unlike CMS websites, where your in-house marketing or IT team who is technically savvy may edit content, custom software plugins, frameworks, and libraries are not that easy.

Before you get your signature on the dotted line, discover any performance difficulties arising from their bespoke software design and development projects. So - after their creation and deployment jobs are finished, have an open discussion with them about future updates.

Question #3 – What Software Maintenance Options Are Available?

How much does it cost to maintain an app or a software? There isn't a one-size-fits-all solution for updating and maintaining all software development projects. In fact, most of them are entirely unique. The greatest software designers will customize a maintenance service to fit your needs, budget, and bandwidth.

Also, don’t be afraid to ask them for resumes of members of their talent pool, references from previous employers, or their LinkedIn profiles.

Hire Software Developers at Goldfish Code

Software design projects frequently fail due to problems in communication, overpromising and underdelivering, or just failing to clarify crucial information before starting.

Hiring several contractors frequently leads to delays, miscommunication, and budget difficulties. If you're seeking a trustworthy software design business in the United States that can address these issues - look no further than Goldfish Code.

The Goldfish Code staff has 30 years of combined expertise in delivering bespoke web applications and mobile software applications. We build customized software based on the right technology and architecture - implemented with care thanks to a set of controls and standards.

Goldfish Code's in-house team is led by US-born, English-speaking project managers who are your one and only point of contact. They manage our worldwide staff of developers, marketers, designers, database architects, and DevOps technicians.

This will allow you to concentrate on your day-to-day business requirements and operations.

Take some time to review some of our software development services.

Key Points on Hiring Developers

We understand that you have hundreds of potential software development companies to choose to build software. The importance of hiring a full-service web and app design and development firm that checks all the boxes on your list of priorities can't be understated.

However, working with a company that offers you an exceptional investment return is also essential.

Keep these important items in mind as you learn how to choose the best web design company.

  • Always be open and transparent with any web design company about your concerns before you begin the hiring process.
  • Don't be afraid to ask for references, examples of similar projects, and detailed specifics about their design process.
  • Make sure they understand the job description - including what technical skills are required.
  • Make sure you feel 100% comfortable with their software design and development process.
  • Take time to ask them about their soft skills, such as those interpersonal skills that makes it easier to work with.
  • Set up a consultation so you can gain valuable insights with some face time.

Following the tips above and completing some initial research about your business, customers, and goals, knowing how to hire a software developer will be seamless, less stressful, and ensure a wise decision.


Who is hiring software developers?

In recent years, many technology, healthcare, business IT service providers, Government agencies, and large retailers have aggressively begun hiring software developers.

However, it's becoming more common for private enterprises, eCommerce entities, and other online retailers to hire software developers to customize many of the websites and applications used by their customers and clients.

How to hire remote developers?

Suppose you are looking to customize a mobile or web application. In that case, it will likely require a software developer or engineer to customize many of the user functions and tools that improve their online experience.

The best way to hire remote developers is to work with a United States-based firm that has a qualified team of experienced software developers on their team. They will be able to communicate your goals and desires to them – manage the entire project for you at an affordable cost.

How can hiring dedicated developers reduce software development cost?

There was a time when working with dedicated software developers was mainly a cost-savings exercise. However, overseas private developers have recently begun to see the value in pricing their services comparable to the UK and US-based firms.

However, working directly with dedicated developers can cause communications, testing, and deployment issues. These problems can lead to additional costs.

What should you know before hiring a software developer?

The best advice we can offer about hiring a software developer is to understand your project's requirements. What type of website or application are you planning on building?

Is it a good idea to hire individual contractors or work with a single, professional web and application design and development firm? In most cases, it makes sense to hire a professional US-based, all-inclusive firm with a team of software engineers.