Goldfish Code Podcast-Bryan Farris with Martin Piskoric in 21st Century Entrepreneurship

June 21, 2024

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Bryan Farris (@BryanAndrew19), is the founder and president of Goldfish Code, a firm dedicated to transforming the software development agency space through strategic, impactful, and technology-driven solutions. In our engaging conversation, we explored the nuances of integrating strategy with software development to solve real-world problems. Farris emphasized the significance of starting with a strategic approach rather than jumping straight into development, stating, "People are not doing it properly because they don't really start with the strategy side of it."

Diving deep into the ethos behind Goldfish Code, Farris shared his journey from being a tech enthusiast to becoming a seasoned entrepreneur with a penchant for social impact. His philosophy is rooted in understanding and solving the strategic problems businesses face, with software potentially being a part of the solution. "It's more about what problem you need solved and what outcomes you need," Farris highlighted, underscoring the importance of identifying core issues before considering technological interventions.

A standout aspect of our discussion was the introduction of Goldfish Code's 360-degree consulting approach. This systematic method prioritizes understanding clients' strategic and financial goals, followed by a motivation-driven design process, and culminates in the deployment of tailor-made solutions. Farris's experience with Impact Wave exemplifies this approach's efficacy, showcasing how a deep dive into the client's mission can lead to innovative, revenue-generating solutions.

Beyond his professional achievements, Farris shared insights from his extensive travels to 134 countries, revealing how these experiences have profoundly influenced his work, especially in motivation-driven design. "It's really important to look at actually a human," he noted, highlighting the importance of considering user motivation in design processes.

Listeners can expect to gain invaluable insights into the intersection of strategy, technology, and human-centered design from this episode. Farris's journey is a testament to the power of strategic thinking in the tech world and serves as an inspiration for entrepreneurs and businesses aiming to make a meaningful impact through software.