Professional Virtual CTO Services

Goldfish Code understands the diversity of challenges facing enterprise-level Chief Technology Officers. Let our executive leadership provide a technical roadmap to guide your organizations digital solutions – without the six-figure annual investment.

Your Proactive Virtual CTO Solution

Goldfish Code is a US-based software development agency with over 30 combined years of executive-level technology expertise and on-demand full-time resources for various technologies. We channel our real-world expertise with technological advancements and proactive business management skills to provide strategic planning for a company’s technical solutions.

What are Virtual CTO Services?

Our virtual CTO services offer unparalleled access to experienced technology professionals, selected for your business requirements.

Our virtual CTOs will:

  • assist you with IT initiatives, 
  • strategize on tech solutions,
  • and oversee infrastructure components and personnel.

Put simply - we provide the expertise that ensures a smooth transition as you embark upon digital transformation projects.

When you retain Goldfish Code to serve as your CTO, our technology expert works with you as a consulting CTO on your timeline, through your preferred communication channels, and as business dictates.

We’re more than happy to customize a CTO service package that fits your needs, the scope of business, and growth potential.

Why goldfish code

Why Choose Our Virtual CTO Services?

A CTO is a skilled position that requires expertise in Next-Generation technology solutions, business planning, project management, and more. They typically demand a premium salary, expenses for travel, relocation, medical benefits, and payroll taxes.

When you work with Goldfish Code's team of CTO experts, you'll be able to capitalize on your IT spending and reduce expenses for relocation, travel, and other related costs associated with hiring a full-time technology executive.

Forward Thinking Innovation

Allow the technical know-how, creative minds, and business savvy of our CTO experts to create approaches that simplify your digital transformation initiatives - with fiscal responsibility top of mind.

Industry Expertise

Bolster your knowledge of business IT and industry best practices by collaborating with experts well-versed in your industry challenges.

Virtual CTO On Demand

Gain exclusive access to our specialized pool of technology resources with our Virtual CTO services and support your projects on an as-needed basis. We do not require any long-term contracts - plus, you maintain complete ownership over the code and intellectual rights.

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Our Virtual CTO Offerings

CTO consulting simplifies the process of technology integration, thus ensuring your business will be set up for long-term success. We provide startups with handpicked executive-level professionals to act as virtual CTOs and streamline tech growth while scaling up operations efficiently.

Technology Leadership

Our CTO advisory services can help you develop, monitor and recommend IT budget allocation while aligning with your business objectives. Additionally, we are here to provide strategic guidance on technology consulting and governance and frame KPIs that will assess both technical performances and return on investment (ROI).

IT Project Delivery & Management

Utilize CTO Advisory Services to deploy, manage, and lead any technology-related project effortlessly. From development and implementation to integration and access to an on-demand resource pool - we provide comprehensive service that helps ensure your success!

Technology Integration

With our CTO Advisory Services, integrating technology into your IT framework and projects will be stress-free. The processes we’ll implement ensure zero downtime, smooth data flow, and access to information anytime from any location.

Solutions Planning

A thorough IT audit can be conducted using CTO consulting to construct a practical technology roadmap. Additionally, through CTO advisory services, organizations can acquire an IT assessment, evaluation for their operations, and a plan that improves operational efficiency.


Why Choose Goldfish Code as Your Virtual CTO

At Goldfish Code, we don’t solve problems – we eliminate them. We understand the struggles that today’s growing enterprise deals with daily. And the way we see it, it’s our task to resolve many issues through technology – while striving to mitigate future issues.

A virtual CTO offers a business of any size or scope multiple benefits. When you can reduce operational costs for salaries, bonuses, and expenses, your company can allocate those funds to advanced technology that truly matters.

Our team is composed of experts in advanced technology solutions. We work with the world’s leading technical minds to transform their industry-shattering inventions into practical applications that improve global commerce, communication, transparency, and user engagement.

Proactive – Not Reactive

The best executives are proactive business solutions providers. They formulate plans to mitigate problems. This is the operational philosophy of Goldfish Code. Our virtual CTO services are conducted by a team trained in-house to leverage best practices that ensure every solution we create is strong, reliable, and 100 percent secure.

Leadership Through Collaboration

A CTO is an expert at what they do. But the best CTOs actively listen to all stakeholders, to incorporate their ideas into a practical technology plan of action. This is a strength of the Goldfish Code team.

A Turnkey Technology Solution

At Goldfish Code, we are a full technology solutions provider. This means that our team can activate every technology solution project that our CTO experts recommend. Plus, we’re able to manage the project from start to finish, which ensures timely delivery – and always within budget.

The Goldfish Code 5-Step Process

We collaborate with our valued partners from start to finish and embrace Next Generation Technology to set trends – not follow them.


Our team asks the right questions - but more importantly, listens to each client during our initial consultation. We'll also collect data specific to your project, industry, audience, and goals.


The Goldfish Code team will conduct extensive research, so we can outline an effective strategy from start to finish, establish practical milestones, and create a plan that mitigates mistakes.

Design & Development

Our in-house design team will bring your vision to life. Once design is approved, our DevOps team will use Next Gen technologies and best practices to build secure and robust software.

Quality Control

Each project undergoes rigorous QC process to ensure security, integrity, and optimal performance. Once completed, we'll assist with BETA testing, deployment, and fine-tune the finished project.


Our team asks the right questions - but more importantly, listens to each client during our initial consultation. We'll also collect data specific to your project, industry, audience, and goals.

What our partners say

"Goldfish is there for you. For any software engineering needs that you have. Whether it's in the day to day implementation, the actual planning out of what you're trying to do in terms of your product roadmap, they're there to help you."

CEO / Impact Wayv

"I would absolutely recommend Goldfish to anyone and everyone. I already have. Hands down, I had the most comfortable customer experience and was not made to feel like I was just another customer"

Founder / Salon Links

"My experience with Goldfish was exceptional. We needed somebody to save us from the initial developers. We were looking for somebody who could help us get to the next level. Goldfish saved what was the original development platform and created for us a tool that's now ready to go to market."

CEO / PoolPro

"I would absolutely recommend Goldfish and Bryan and Eva and their entire team to anybody who's looking to do any kind of an app. We've gone through some hurdles with the app and every step of the way the whole team has just been quick to fix things, quick to answer my questions and they came through."

Founder / Trivia Bar
How much do your CTO Consulting services cost?

Our CTO Consulting services are priced based on the individual needs of each project. We customize our packages to fit your business operations' scope, budget, and timeline. Contact us for more pricing information.

What kind of expertise does virtual CTOs have?

Our virtual CTOs are highly skilled and knowledgeable in next-generation technology solutions, business planning, project management, and more. They have a wealth of experience working with startups and can help provide strategic guidance on IT matters.

Virtual CTOs typically have a wide range of experience in various aspects of technology, such as cloud computing, cybersecurity, software development, and more.

What types of businesses benefit from CTO consulting?

Businesses of all sizes can benefit from CTO consulting. Whether you're a startup just starting or an established business looking to streamline operations and reduce IT expenses, virtual CTO services can help. Additionally, CTO consulting can help organizations already utilizing technology become more efficient and cost-effective.

Can I hire a virtual CTO for part-time or short-term projects?

Yes - within reason. At Goldfish Code, we prescribe to a full-scope business solutions approach. While our virtual CTOs are available for short-term and long-term engagements, we prefer to establish continuity - as technology constantly evolves. We understand that each project is unique, so contact us to discuss the specifics of your project so we can customize a package for you.

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